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About Ms Liburan Paradise

Manado Private Tours is Exclusive Dive Travel in Sulawesi with the MY LIBURAN PARADISE. We kindly want to thanks My Liburan Paradise to take us as their local Travel Agent to arrange divers non Germany.

Dive with us in the "species richest diving area" of the world of dive sites, where immersed before you even none! The right for divers seeking adventure!

about 20 years ago I started diving. I concentrated very quickly to dive destinations that are still unknown, untouched and remote were. Most of all were my goals, where you can still correct Explorer dives could perform. But the places where it was still possible, were difficult to find from year to year. Many operators also advertise today with words like "untouched, tip ... etc." when one is but arrived on site, it is nothing more to feel.

Several years ago I learned by chance Rudy Ring know and he lured me with words such as remote and pristine diving area to North Sulawesi. After the first day I realized that this is not just empty promises were. Rudi ring comes from Germany and has lived in Manado for many years. Together with his wife Jennifer he has the Liburan Diving Tours founded. For over 15 years he leads diving safaris to pristine dive sites by in North Sulawesi. He has countless dives done and knows this area like no other. With the Liburan Paradise , it is possible in truly unspoilt dive sites penetrate. Where is such a thing even possible? This dive site is definitely one of the best in the world and is also inspire you! There are only a few dive sites on our planet where one dives Explorer can perform. With the Liburan Paradise, which, however, is still possible. We at Manado Private Tours promise you a vacation that is anything but standard diving and is unparalleled!

Video of Liburan Paradise by Dees Point of View 

Video of Liburan Paradise by Anky

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